Sometimes, you get so caught up in stuff, that you don't see the big picture. We've all done it before. We focus on what we see in the moment, and we forget about the other side of the story. Recently I got these new shoes. Everyone at my school seems to have them and I've wanted them for a while. My mom surprised me one day and we went shopping. Now if you know my mom, you know how stringent she is. She doesn't like spending money especially on "silly things". I was super excited and we had a lot of fun. Now there's one thing about these shoes that made my mom hesitant about them. They're white. Me and white shoes is scary because probably within the day I'll get them dirty. She told me as long as I don't wear them on rainy days, I'll keep them clean. I promised though that I'd take good care of them. I'm fifteen now, I can take care of a pair of shoes, right?

The next day we headed out to Chicago to drop off my mom at the airport. My mom is on a mission trip right now in Kyrgyzstan. It's a third world country near China. She's going to be visiting a bunch of orphanages around there and helping out. I think it's amazing of her and I wish I could go too. Chicago is a super cool city with lots of people and so I wanted to show off my new shoes. The only problem? It was rainy. All day. Nevertheless my stubborn self decided to put on the shoes. Before we left, my mom noticed them. She told me to change my shoes because I was going to regret it. I laughed and kept my shoes on but put a spare pair in the car.

Three hours of driving later, we arrived in Chicago. One look outside and I was glad that I had brought the extra pair. They ended up getting dirty, so I'm super relieved that I had listened to my mom. In the moment, I thought I was 100% right, but in the end, I was wrong. My mom was just looking out for me because she knew how I was and what was going to happen.

Sometimes we do this with God. He knows us because he created us. He knows that even though we think something is the right decision, it may not be. After all, He knows what is going to happen. The thing is, we don't see the whole picture. We don't know His grand plan or what's in store for us. The very thing that we thought was right could hurt us. Even though it may be scary or might confuse us, listening to Him is the best choice we can make because ultimately, He sees the big picture.

P.S. Peep my white shoes in the picture. I changed after that lol.

Remember: Live Simply, Laugh Often, Love Deeply.

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