In all super hero books, movies, and t.v. shows, there is always the battle between good and evil. The villain will try to wreck havoc in the hero's town, life, or world. The hero always is faced with challenges and problems that they have to solve. Overcoming the odds against them, heroes arise to the challenge and try as hard as they can to protect the people they love.

Although we wish our lives were as adventurous and exciting as those heroes that we hear about, there are still real heroes in our world. The bible tells us about many people who faced struggles in life and looked to God to help them overcome them. One of these heroes was David.

The people of Israel were at war against the Philistines. One of the most feared men, a champion from Gath named Goliath, came to the ranks of Israel and shouted to them. He told them to pick one man to fight him. If the man beat Goliath, then the Philistines would become servants to the Israelites. If not, then they would become servants to the Philistines. Everyday, the huge man would come to the ranks of Israel as a sign of defiance. The Israelites began to get very nervous.

There was a boy named David who was tending his father's sheep at the time. He had older brothers who had gone to fight in the war, but because he was the youngest, he stayed back with his father. One day, his father gave him food to give to his brothers and their commanders. David's father wanted to know how they were doing, and sent David to go check in on them.

When David arrived, he heard the Philistine Goliath once again standing outside the ranks of the Israelites, intimidating and scaring them. David heard the man and was very upset. He wondered why no one had gone and fought the philistine who was shaming Israel. David's brother found him talking to one of the soldiers about Goliath. He became angry and scolded David for coming down just to watch the battle, although it was not true.

The king of Israel heard about David talking about fighting and stopping the Philistine, and sent for him. David said to King Saul, " Let no one lose heart on account of this Philistine; your servant will go and fight him." Saul was very skeptical. David was just a boy and Goliath had been training to fight since his youth. David assured him that God would be with him, just as he was when he protected the sheep from wild animals.

Finally King Saul agreed saying, "let the Lord be with you." David went to a stream and picked out five smooth stones. When Goliath saw who the Israelites sent to fight him, he started to laugh and taunt the boy. As Goliath ran in to attack, David shot a stone in his slingshot and it hit the Philistine and killed him.

What a crazy story, right? The amazing part is that it is all true. For some time, everyone was frightened of Goliath. Their lives were miserable and shameful, because the giant was ruining them. David, just a boy, overcame the fear by looking to God. When God is with you, good always wins. David could have decided to give the food to his brothers and leave. He didn't have to face Goliath. He was a boy after all. David knew that he had to face the challenge and do the thing that God wanted him to do.

We all have Goliaths in our lives. We will all go through challenges, like the heroes that we hear about. We will always be battling the urge to do wrong, to do the thing that is best for us and not others. Whether the battle between good and evil is internal or external, we must always remember that God is with us.

Think about your favorite superhero. What makes them a hero? Is it their selflessness? Their positivity? Heroes are made up of many qualities that make them who they are. One of the things that people admire the most about heroes is their goodness. They always look out for others before themselves and will do the right thing. We all have these qualities inside us and can be heroes too in our own way.Think of ways that you can share your goodness with others. Maybe it's holding the door for someone, or forgiving someone. By spreading our goodness, we become an example to others to do the same.

The next time you have a challenge, where you have a tough decision to make, think about what Christ would do in your position. Choose good over evil.

Remember: Live Simply, Laugh Often, Love Deeply

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