For those of you who don't know, I run cross country. It's a long distance sport where, at least in high school, you race 3 miles (In junior high it's 2). Cross country is a difficult sport. I don't know how many hours I've spent running, or how many miles I have traveled on my feet.

Cross country, however, is more of a mental sport than anything. While running, so many negative thoughts start to creep into your head. Slow down, this hurts, you won't be able to finish this, just stop, let her pass you, you can't do this. Part of the sport is blocking these negative thoughts out. You have to believe in yourself, your training, and that you can do it.

My coach asked us one day, how we keep ourselves going through the race. She shared how she blocks out the thoughts and explained that we each had a different way of dealing with them. She also gave us some homework, to find out why do we run. Her question left me thinking. I started to wonder what I ran for. Why do I run?

That night, it came to me. I had been running for myself and my team. Although these are good, I felt that I needed to run for something bigger. I wasn't the one who gave me the ability to run, it was Christ. I was blessed with the gift to run and wanted to use it to honor him.

The next day, I had a race. The gun went off and I could feel the adrenaline coursing through my veins. Soon though, the pain in my legs started to appear. The negative thoughts began to creep into my mind. Then, a phrase popped into my head. For His glory, not for mine. Right then I realized why I ran. I was running for Christ's glory, not for mine. The negative thoughts began to disappear because I was running for something larger than myself. I was running for the king of kings, the creator of the world.

I wrote this blog post today, because I want to inspire those reading it to use the talents that God has given them to glorify Him. We all have a special part in His kingdom and we can use our talents to give honor to Christ. Think about your talent (everyone has them) and use them today to glorify Him today. Remember: it's for His glory, not for ours.

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