I had a problem at school. We were assigned the task of filling out a get-to-know-me sheet. Most of them weren’t difficult, my favorite food was definitely chocolate! Nevertheless, one of the questions on the sheet had left me puzzled. It was “what are your talents?” I didn’t have anything that I thought that I was really good at. Sure, I was a good student, but it seemed like everyone got decent grades.

When I got home, I told my mom about my problem. She could tell that I was upset. It felt that everyone seemed to have something that they were good at except me! My mom began giving me suggestions. Although being a good reader was handy in class, I didn’t consider it a talent. I wanted something like my friends, who were really good at sports and singing. Even though I was disappointed, my mom reminded me that I was really young, and a lot of our talents come out when we are older.

However, my whole view changed that year. I began to try new things and be adventurous to find my talents. I tried out for the musical and got the lead! I became involved in music and singing and met lots of new people. Singing and music are now one of my passions and I use them to help lead worship at church. In Language Arts, we also began writing essays and poems in language arts. That’s when I developed my love for literature. I became passionate about writing and that influenced me today. Now I have this blog, where I write about all kinds of topics. Also, I joined the cross country team. That developed into a love for running. Now I have won state with my cross country team, and became an all-stater (top 25 individuals in state). Slowly I realized that I had all of these talents that I never noticed. It’s hard to find your own talents when you compare yourself to others, because we’re not the same. We each have our own God-given gifts that shape who we are. When we open our eyes and our mind, it is easy for us to see what we are skilled in. For me, I had to wait until fifth grade. For some, they find theirs quickly. Sometimes, it takes us a long time to discover what we are best at, but that’s okay!

My story reminds me of a parable from the bible. The Lord tells the story, to teach a lesson to his listeners. It is about a man who is going on a journey. His splits his wealth between his three servants. To one, he gives five talents. To the second, he gives two, and to the third he gives one. The first servant with the five talents puts his money to work and earns five more talents. The second did the same thing, and earned two more talents. The third, however, was ashamed and hid his money in the ground. After a while, the master came back from his journey and met with his three servants. The first, showed his master the original five and presented him with the five that he earned. The master was very proud and rewarded the servant. Then, it was the second servant’s turn. He too presented the money that he had earned and was rewarded by the man. The third, however, gave the master the money he started with. He also gave excuses saying that the master was harsh and demanding, and he was afraid to take the risk because of that. The master was very upset and disappointed, calling the slave evil and lazy. He also took away his one talent and gave it to the one who had ten and cast the servant into outer darkness.

We are all given talents, but some may refuse to acknowledge or use them. God gives us these gifts for a reason, to use them to glorify him and help others. If we neglect our talents, like the third servant in the story, then it leads us away from the light of God and into darkness. By using our talents, we can also influence others’ lives. For example, I love kids and so I help out in the children’s ministry at our church. Even if it doesn’t seem like something big to us, our talents can be a big impact in someone else’s life. To help discover what you are talented in, I wrote a little quiz and shared this with a portrait of youth magazine where it was featured in the second volume!

Everyone is talented in their own way, and these talents can end up affecting what you do for a living. Using the information provided from the quiz, you can see what your strengths are and apply it to your life.

Remember: Live Simply, Laugh Often, Love Deeply

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