Hi, I'm Malia

Hi, I'm Malia! Although I may seem young to be a blogger, I believe that you can never be too young to pursue your dreams. I'm a chocolate and mango enthusiast with a passion for writing, reading, and running. A big part of my life is my faith and I love writing devotionals and sharing examples of my life experiences. I also LOVE to talk to other people about their lives, struggles, successes, and whatever random random thing that may be on their mind. Most of all, I am dedicated to inspiring girls of all ages to live simply, laugh often, and love deeply. 

My Journey Through Life and Faith

2004 ~ Welcome to the World

I was the second child born to my family at a local hospital. My mom was from Spain and had moved to America as a foreign exchange student, and that's when she met my dad. Although they were married at a young age, 18 and 21, they love each other so much and still do today. As a baby, I was taught to speak Spanish and English, and I am still fluent to this day. 

2011 ~ New Home and Church

There was not much room in our old house with my little brothers, and my mom really wanted to move into the country, so my parents decided to build a house. We also decided to move churches. Before, I had not really enjoyed going to church, and I felt that it was boring. The children's pastor at the church changed my life. He grew me closer to God and made me want to come to church. He even got me my first bible. 

2014 ~ Appendicitis 

In the winter of 5th grade, I went home from school because threw up multiple times. I just assumed that I had a stomach bug and would get over it. IT GOT WORSE. I began to feel a sharp pain in my stomach and after lots of googling, my mom "diagnosed" me with appendicitis. My parents decided to wait until the morning before making a decision. During the middle of the night, I woke up in so much pain that I could barely walk or talk. I somehow woke up my sister (we share a room) and she got our parents. My dad carried me out to the car and I was rushed to the hospital. The doctors confirmed my appendicitis and I went straight into surgery. 

2016 ~ Baptized 

After my surgery, I could not stop thinking about how I could have died. It kept on coming up to my mind and in 6th grade, I decided to get baptized. I realized who was with me when I was lying in the hospital bed, going to the surgery room. It was God, and that feeling of comfort that he gave me was all I needed. I had the youth pastor, the same one who gave me my bible, baptize me in the spring.

Present ~ Blog

I started this blog, so I could share the experiences and love of God with others around the world. I want to show and bring others to God, so that they too, can experience what I have. I already love each and everyone of you and can't wait to get to know everyone. 

Remember: Live Simply, Laugh Often, Love Deeply.

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